Now that you have come across my teeny-weeny blog, know me well before you proceed further.

I’m Adhithya, which literally means Sun. What a perfect name to this SHINING girl?        I have larger than life stuff in my brain, but I fail at showing all that outside. I’m a proud loner and an introvert. Wait, I’m a pocket-sized rocket at times, too. And I can swing between my ‘buttoned-up’ and ‘loudspeaker’ phases like a pro. So let’s settle down to label me an ‘ Ambivert’.  I’m a pro at killing time and annoying people too.

I’m sapiosexual and a bit narcissistic ( depends upon you what a bit is :P). I’m short-tempered, so yeah, call me hot ’cause I can burst into flames and burn everything. I love judging myself from another person’s eyes, but mind you, never judge me ( If you ever do, I’m  not responsible for your injuries). I’m an extravagant dreamer and has got a lot of wanderlust. Dance and Music flows through my veins. I have a thirst to learn new words. ( I guess my blog name has given you a slight giveaway). I love myself, my parents, chocolates ( ‘dip me in a chocolate and call me a dessert’ type), pizzas, movies, sports, selfies, strangers, and my bed a hell lot. I’m not a spendthrift or shopaholic. I hate my enemies. “If life ever gives you lemons, squeeze it into your enemies’ eyes” is my way.   I terribly fail at arguments and come-back lines.  I act like an intellect outside, but in my mind, I still sing the ABCD song to remember the next alphabet. And, I hate the letter ‘I’ ( Read this full paragraph and you can crack out the reason).

Well, this blog is for posting some scribbles that I keep on jotting down every now and then. I love writing poems to drain out the thoughts that clutter in my brain. This is my second blog after this one. I find the first one turning a bit lame now. But I’m not gonna delete it, anyway. Hence, a new attempt.

If at all you are a social butterfly, feel free to drop in by my Instagram and Facebook account.

I guess you have learnt a thing or two about me through this . So let me wind up boring you.