It is that look across the table when two people are sharing an unspoken but private moment. When each knows the other understands and is in agreement with what is being expressed. An expressive and meaningful silence.


In that silent corner

Of the cafe-

A caffeine scent

Wafting through the air

And filling their lungs too-

They gazed into

Each other’s eyes

Love shining in both


A million words.

And their lips

Curved, into graceful smiles

But both didn’t protrude

A single word.


They resided in the crevices

Of each other’s heart

But they still couldn’t confess

To one another

About the castle of love

They built in their minds.


Their emotions couldn’t be forged

Into words

And the little that did

Seemed to choke in their throats.

The unsaid words

Hung heavy

In the air around them

So much that if It was solidified into a stone

And tied to their ankles

They would have drowned

Into the depth of the sea.

-Miss Misfit-