Komorebi – The sunlight that filters through the trees

Meraki- The soul, creativity, love put into something

The first time

I wrote a poem

Was when I saw you

On the forest floor

With the komorebi

Kissing every inch

Of your skin-

Your hands

Weaving wildflowers

And your lips

Softly humming

A tune that I

Desperately wanted

To get to know-

You, yourself,

Were a wildflower

So unapologetically


The first time

I saw you,

I saw poetry-

The most beautiful one

The universe

Had written.


You were weaving

The wildflowers

With meraki

And I was standing there

Gazing at you

From behind a tree

Its emerald leaves

Stroking my face.

Your mellifluous voice

Filled the air

And soothed my ears

The way a nightingale hums

A welcome note

To weary travelers.

The first time

The magic of words

Whirled in my mind

Was when

Your euphonious voice

Brushed against my lips

And pasted

A honeyed kiss.


You breathed poetry

Into my lungs

And rescuscitated me

Back to life.

I will write till

My dreams

Collide with your reality.

-Rupali and Adhi