Oh! I wished

A void swelled

In the deepest cavity

Of your heart

When you hadn’t heard

My syrupy voice

For too long.

And to fill up

That empty space

You would come to me

On bended knees

Pleading me to chant

Three candied words.


Oh! I wished

You would be

Chilled to the marrow

‘Cause of the winter

Inside you

When you hadn’t seen

The curve of my lips

For too long.

And to feel cozy

You would come to me

Imploring me to cuddle you

As a cocoon of blankets

Didn’t warm you.


Oh! I wished

Melancholy whooshed into you

Through every pore

On your skin

When you hadn’t read

My scribbles

For too long.

And to wipe away

That miserable itch

You would come to me

Begging to write one for you

And then you would read that

And feel like an exponent of infinity.


But these were mere desires

Tugged in the chambers of my chest

For, to my naive eyes

You seemed like a painter

Splattering a million shades

All over me

But for you

I was just another canvas.

   -Miss Misfit –