On a midsummer morning
In a not-so-crowded corner
Of the cafe
Was the first time
I laid my eyes
On her winsome visage
And the first time
I felt my heart flutter
As love seeped into me
From the ambrosial air around
Like tea oozing from a teabag
Watching the way
Sunlight dissolved like sugar
Into her coffee brown eyes
And the way it glinted
In her raven hair.

On an autumnal afternoon
The sun veiled
By the fluffy clouds
With raindrops beating against
The window pane
Was the first time
I wrote poetry
Limning about how
She paints a ray of sunshine
All over her face
And then oscillates between
A grin, giggle, and guffaw
Whilst walking through alley
Lined with tress
Painted in amber and umber
With a bunch of her friends.

On a vernal twilight
With a pink hue
Tinting the sky overhead
The azaleas around
And her cheeks
Was the first time
I told her that with her
Forever won’t be too long
But without her
Even a second will be an eternity
And the first time
Her fingers intertwined with mine
As she bobbed her head
And curled her lips
Into a coy smile
Flashing her dimples merrily.

On a winter night
When tranquillity blanketed
The whole of the town
The inky sky sprayed
Flakes of snow
And a tiny heap of ice
Mounted on the window sill
Was the first time
I felt the warmth
Of her arms
Woven around me
Her head
Buried in my chest
And the first time
I realized
The ambit of love.

P.S- That image on top was my try at blending images. My apologies for inserting it.

-Miss Misfit-