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i could see in the depth of your eyes

shades of all the cities

i ever dreamt of traveling to

but little did i know of

the lust that lurked beneath all the hues

not just the lust to make love with my body

but also the one to make love

with all the pain that would wreathe me

when you would drift away from me.


you left me in a corner of the street

alone, without your arms

to shield me from the 3:00 am cold

awaiting to see me crumble into ashes

from a distance, seemingly far away

but close enough to witness

my disintegration and rejoice

and yes, i did crumble

but you never knew that

i was a phoenix

which would rise from its own ashes

into life anew.


you were pretty darn sure that i would

spend days, or maybe, months together

locked up in my room, crying

as though the whole world

shattered apart-

which was not far from being true

’cause our love meant the world to me-

and i cried, cried, and cried

until i realized that

pain was a certain sort of pleasure

and that is how i turned

into a masochist.


i was a garden of experience

before you walked into my life

and walked out

as quickly as you came in

hoping to turn me into

a graveyard of memories

but oh darling! don’t come back

expecting to see the pyre of my happiness

’cause i’m still a garden

green with even more experiences

and buds of strength, which are halfway

into becoming flowers that i can

braid onto my hair.

-Miss Misfit-